About Southglenn CD 

Personal business referrals in a non-competitive, relationship-based environment.

Southglenn CD


Group Created: 12-27-2012

Group Location: Littleton, CO

Meeting Time & Location: 

Thursday at 7:30 AM

The Bistro
7301 S. Santa Fe Ste. 180
Littleton, CO 80120

Director: Bruce James

Director Phone: (303) 759-4976

Assistant Director: Patti Nasluand

Assistant Director Phone:720-612-6371

Coordinator:  Rosie Griffith

Coordinator Ph:   720-354-7364

Total Leads Passed: 140

Revenue Total: $34,534.00

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Why Join Southglenn CD

We have fun with each other and have mixers outside of the group. The amount of outside leads brought into the group, there is a real return on the leads that are passed. Quality of our people, so referrals are strong due to trust in each other. Two-thirds of our group have been here more then 4 years. Intentional in our help of each other. Longevity in the industry, confidence, and competence. We get a lot of speaking time to focus on one on one's to build trust.

Industries We Are Looking For

  • Accounting-CPA
  • Cleaning-Housekeeping/Maid Service
  • Contractor-Painting/Wall Coverings
  • Design-Interior Design
  • Floral-Design/Florist
  • Health & Wellness-Acupuncture
  • Health & Wellness-Dentist
  • Health & Wellness-Massage
  • Health & Wellness-Nutritional Supplements
  • Landscaping-Maintenance
  • Marketing-
  • Real Estate-Commercial Sales
  • Skin Care-Skin Care

Group Details

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